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Our new Toronto destination redefines exceptional design, offering an unparalleled experience that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality.


Crafted by Acclaimed Ringo Studio

At the helm of our captivating showroom design is Brooklyn-based Ringo Studio, led by the visionary designer Madelynn Ringo. The studio’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge design is evident in their remarkable portfolio of award-winning spaces. We will bring you an unparalleled sensory experience that radiates through every corner of our new location.

The experience

Our new space is a distinct, immersive environment that challenges the notion of a traditional product showroom. It features vibrant teal Giocabazzi wood paneling and strategically positioned mirrors and wavy walls, setting the stage for an architectural masterpiece that displays a variety of wood flooring products and surfaces. Each zone, from the exhibition area to the showroom and client suite, offers a unique encounter, guiding customers through a captivating journey with abstract forms and an intriguing interplay between surfaces. Texture and colour seamlessly connect rooms, while fluid circulation encourages effortless exploration. Educational insights provided throughout are complemented by intimate gathering spaces. A perimeter display wall exhibits the complete range of flooring options, completing the immersive showroom experience.

Explore our latest arrivals


Introducing four extraordinary brands and their newest collections, arriving this fall:


a renowned Italian brand, has been producing exquisite parquet floors and wall tiles since the 1930s. With a fourth-generation family legacy, Giacobazzi executes the entire production cycle in-house, ensuring quality from drying to processing and finishing. Our exclusive collections include:
Redefining spaces with geometric language, textures, and frames, this collection introduces fresh spatiality and aesthetic vision. Available in four patterns: treccia, pettine, mosaico, and greca.
Embrace artistic composition with Giacobazzi's Forme Collection, which redefines boiserie through the interplay of joints, grooves, and the spaces in between. Elevating wood to new heights, this collection offers captivating relief effects and innovative wall décor options. Available in 11 shapes.
Fusing artistry and design, this collection draws inspiration from sinuous geometries, colours, and evocative patterns, transforming wood into a pure element for wall and floor expressions. With rhythmic texture printing reminiscent of the 1960s, Grafiche adds depth and character, creating a nostalgic yet decidedly modern atmosphere in any space.


Inspired by the bold feathers of birds, the Plumage collection was designed by Cristina Celestino and offers hand-decorated ceramics and paste-dyed porcelain tiles. Endless combinations of these vibrant tiles form visually captivating wall displays. Crafted with exceptional skill by Botteganove workshops, Plumage can be produced in custom tones, colours, and combinations as well as in larger quantities.


Located in Nove, a renowned ceramics hub, Botteganove workshop crafts unique ceramic boiseries blending tradition and modern design, each piece handcrafted for artistic, contemporary appeal. In our new showroom, we are thrilled to unveil the captivating Plumage collection:


Based in Barcelona, seamlessly combines classical influences with modern execution while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability. In our new showroom, you'll discover Yo2's thoughtfully designed wallpapers and eco-conscious area rugs—a perfect fusion of bold style and environmental responsibility.
Yo2 presents elegant, luxurious rugs with advanced colour technologies and high-quality materials. Available in light and dark colors, geometric and floral prints, and a variety of neo-classical styles, these durable products are certified for heavy commercial use and recommended for high-traffic areas, and can also add beauty to residential spaces.
Yo2 offers diverse digitally printed luxury wallpapers in various styles, shapes, and colours. From geometric to avant-garde and baroque designs, these wallpapers are available in subtle shades or intricate creations on 12 different substrates. Backed by extensive material research, Yo2 provides texture-coated surfaces, a wide range of vinyls, metallic options in gold, silver, and bronze, and textile wall coverings suitable for hotels, offices, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and creative set designs.

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Flooring & Carpet

Currently available through Relative Space
Fuse Flooring
Fuse Flooring offers a curated collection of premium engineered wood floors that are both timeless and distinctive. Each plank is meticulously crafted in Germany or Austria, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood while pushing the boundaries of creativity. With a focus on sustainability, Fuse Flooring sources materials responsibly, ensuring the highest quality and environmental integrity.
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Parador Open Frameworks
Designed by Hadi Teherani, Open Frameworks is a collection of wood flooring designed to give opportunity to expression. It is a curated collection of four components: colours, formats, patterns, and links. Discreet at first glance, Open Frameworks reveals its design potential as each component is considered: Combine two or multiple components to add depth to your floor and connect it to other elements within the space.
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MH Parquet
Known for its timeless designs and exceptional craftsmanship within its Spanish workshop, MH Parquet offers a wide range of high-quality wood flooring options. From classic herringbone to intricate geometric patterns, the MH collection blends seamlessly with any style. Crafted with premium materials, MH Parquet's flooring combines stunning visuals with durability.
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A leading carpet brand, Fletco offers a diverse range of high-quality wall-to-wall carpets that combine style and functionality. With cutting-edge designs and advanced technologies, Fletco carpets bring comfort and durability to contract and domestic environments with a wide selection of patterns, textures, and colours.
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Passionate, specialized and driven in the category of high-quality needled carpet, Findeisen is a family-run, German company coming up on its 100th year in business. Combining a rich history with the latest sustainable manufacturing techniques, Findeisen’s needled carpets offer superior wear resistance, acoustics, health benefits, sustainability, and economic efficiency. These developments have netted their products numerous design awards. Explore their well-coloured collections, below.
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